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You're invited to plant, grow, and flourish throughout the human experience! This 21-poem collection explores the rich imagery of soil and seeds, roots and blooms. Each poem invites the reader into an unearthing practice that can lead to new discoveries within the fertile soil of the heart.

Poetry can offer reminders for ourselves, each other, and the world. Poet, artist, and educator Joe Davis has written Remind Me Again: Poems and Practices for Remembering Who We Are, a collection of 41 poems that will inspire, challenge, and affirm readers from all stages of life. These poems speak to our mind, body, and spirit, to our community, and to our purpose.

Broken into three sections, this book includes:

  • My Mind, Body, and Spirit: Reminders for Myself

  • My Community: Reminders for Each Other

  • My Purpose: Reminders for the World

Each poem includes a

"Try This Practice"

to help readers connect

the themes to their everyday lives.

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We Rise Higher: Poems and Prayers for Graduates supports youth as they celebrate, commemorate, and reflect on graduating high school and moving on to the next phase of life. A perfect gift for congregations to give in recognition of their high school grads!

This collection includes:

  • Poems of joy and celebration

  • Poems of praise and affirmation

  • Poems for heavy emotions

  • Poems for growth & new beginnings

Each poem features interactive content that:

invites creative responses


reflection by the graduate.

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