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The Listening Booth is the audio-only section of the website---and, from the sounds of it, that's where the coolest cats hangout!

From music to spoken word to podcast appearances and more, if you're looking for

Joe Davis in your eardrums,

then look no further!

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catalogue chronologically.

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Show Up EP - Front Cover.png
Show Up EP - Back Cover.png

SHOW UP is a 5-track EP of original music and poetry from Joe Davis

in collaboration with over a dozen artists, activists, and community folks

exploring what it means to

show up

unapologetically, authentically

& fully present in this historic moment.

Released 06.19.2021

Ancestral Echoes - Front Cover.png
Ancestral Echoes - Back Cover.png

Dr. King and Malcolm X have traveled through space and time to ensure that the movement for freedom and justice remains strong. Accompanied by the music and poetry of Joe Davis, they bring a spirit of resilience to all those in the struggle.

Featuring three remixes

& four new original songs,

the EP explores themes of Blackness and radical love, while centering a universal message guided by the

voice of our ancestors.

Released 06.29.2018

Answering the ancestral echoes of our origin.

Released 09.21.2015

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