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Partner with Joe Davis

Joe is outspoken about the fact that his work is made possible by his generous and consistent supporters.

Partner with Joe today to become one of the puzzle pieces that helps to expand his vision into the future,

and get some sweet perks in return!

  • Show Up

    Every month
    • Shout out when I see you!
    • My heartfelt, deepest gratitude for your support!
  • Most Popular

    JoeDavis Poetry Club

    Every month
    • You get access to my monthly newsletter, Stanzas: Metaphors
    • Everything from Show Up
  • The Cool Collective

    Every month
    • You get early access to new merch, tickets & more!
    • Behind-the-Scenes sneak peeks of the Making Of...
    • Everything from Show Up & Poetry Club
  • Finding My Freedom Practice

    Every month
    A subscription plan crafted to perfectly accentuate participation in the 'Finding Your Freedom Practice' eCourse
    Valid for 12 months+ 14 day free trial
    • Enrollment in the 'Finding Your Freedom Practice' eCourse
    • Access to the 'Finding Your Freedom Community' Private Group
    • Access to the Monthly Community Vibe Checks [via Zoom]

Best Value

'Stay True' Crew



Every month

Valid until canceled

All lower level perks

Discounted tickets to ALL upcoming New Renaissance events!

Exclusive discounts & members-only merch sales!

SuperDope DreamTeam



Every month

Valid until canceled

All Lower Level Perks!

A personalized poem or song, written just for you!

[1] FREE signed copy of every future music release!

Monthly Meet-Up: Connect with Joe monthly via video chat!

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